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A Modest and Humble Beginning


In 1992 Calvin Hoover decided to leave the corporate world and started a small gun shop in a room in his own home.

He slowly grew it over the years to what has become a well-known and reputable small business supplying sporting goods product.

It’s now time to pass the torch; In 2017 Calvin and his wife have decided to retire and enjoy the fruits of their labor and started their search for a new owner.

The Passing of the Torch


As for myself: I was a young boy when my father introduced me to firearms collecting, hunting and the sport of recreational shooting.

I have continued in his footsteps collecting and still enjoy multiple shooting activities.

I am a firm believer in the second amendment of our constitution and the right for every American citizen to defend themselves from foreign and domestic threats.

I promise to continue offering firearms and sporting good products at fair and reasonable prices to all legally qualified buyers.

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